Yes, the idea was from the movie Yes Man. I watched the movie last weekend and it had a powerful effect on me. A lot of us can relate to what Jim Carrey was going through in the intial part of the movie. Sad, alone, disinterested and monotonous, he had little to look forward to and expect from his life. All that changed with a single word yes. Although I did not expect or even hope my life to take the twists and turns that his life did, I do wanted to see what happens when I say yes to everything for a day. Just a day.

That’s what I did today. I decided to say yes to everything that came my way. It started by saying yes to my flatmate, which very inconveniently made me take a rick to work. I had a hard time getting a rick, so I said yes to paying extra and got a rick after waiting for 45 min in the hot sun.

Occasionally, I donate a rupee or two to beggars, usually at a certain signal near my place, though I don’t sometimes. But today I have decided to donate 10 rupees to any beggar who asks me. So when I reached that particular signal, a little kid was begging at the rickshaw next to me and by the time he gave up there, the signal turned green and my rickshaw moved ahead. You had to be there to believe the timing of the events. Anyway, I could not give any money the one day I decide to be extra generous.

At work, I said yes to a blood donation camp this Friday and to a trekking event this Sunday. I have never donated blood and have never went on a big trek. Honestly I am quite nervous about both of them, especially after I read that the trekking fees includes some sort of insurance charges. But I am looking forward to them as they are the outcomes of the yes day. I have also said (a cheerful) yes to a colleague whom I’d rather say no to, on an ordinary day.

The day turned out to be a lot peaceful than I thought it would be. Would I have donated blood and went on a trek if not for the yes day? I don’t know. I’d certainly like to try this again sometime in the future.